A recently discovered photograph of the Microsoft Founders proves that former KGB Agent Jack Barsky was one of the company co-founders.  Apparently, out of embarrassment, Gates and Company managed to remove the Barsky face from the iconic photograph.  All we can do now is issue a strong warning: MS Word is set to explode on 1/1/2222!

I had a grand old time during my visit of the MSFT headquarters ten days ago.  After I finally got an ancient beef against Microsoft out of my system (they killed my favorite operating system, OS2, and then replaced the anemic Windows 3.1 with a bunch of blue screens), I managed to entertain an overflow crowd with a presentation that combined a lesson in the history of Russia and the KGB with some tidbits from my own life as an undercover agent and some insights into modern day Russia and Vladimir Putin.The audience was very engaged, and the questions and insights they offered during the Q&A session and the book signing were excellent, proving to me without a doubt that MS Word will NOT explode.

Thanks a million, to Stuart McKee and the Microsoft PAC for this opportunity and the great hospitality.  A most memorable experience!


  1. See? There they go talking to Russians. More collusion with the Russians! Microsoft colluding with known Russian agents to throw the American election to Trump. Microsoft should be investigated. We need a Special Prosecutor.

    By the way, the sky is falling.

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